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ESPECIALLY vs SPECIALLY: What’s the Difference between Specially vs Especially?

Especially vs Specially!!! “Specially” and “Especially” are two commonly confused words in the English language. This interesting lesson will explain the difference between them with useful examples.

Especially vs Specially

Especially or Specially? How to use Specially vs Especially correctly?

“Specially” and “especially” can be used almost interchangeably. They are adverbs used in almost similar situations, but they have some distinction.

Especially Definition and Examples

  • Especially is an adverb.
  • It signifies to one person, thing, or situation above all the others.
  • It can also be used before an adjective that means “very” or “extremely.”

Especially Examples:

  • The sea is very beautiful, especially when the sunshine overshines it.
  • Crime is on the increase, especially mugging and burglary.
  • I love Rome, especially in the spring.
  • This candidate has a lot in her favor, especially her experience of teaching.
  • I love Australian wines, especially the white wines.
  • This variety of rose is especially hardy and drought-resistant.
  • It was especially galling to be criticized by this scoundrel.

Specially Definition and Examples

  • Specially is an adverb.
  • It describes a specific or special purpose of something.

Specially Examples:

  • The event will take place in a specially erected marquee.
  • The boats are specially built for the disabled.
  • This machine has been specially adapted for use underwater.
  • I came here specially to see you.
  • These areas have been specially designated for children.
  • He had flowers specially flown in for the ceremony.
  • I made this specially for your birthday.

Difference between Specially vs Especially | Infographic

Specially or Especially – When to Use Especially vs Specially?

Especially vs SpeciallyPin

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