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DRANK vs DRUNK: How to Use Drank or Drunk in Sentences?

Drank vs Drunk!!! When do you use Drank or Drunk? This lesson shows you the difference between drank vs drunk and example sentences. It helps you know how to use them correctly and make sure you never confuse drunk and drank again.

Drank vs Drunk

Drank and drunk are two confusing words. They are different forms of the verb to drink, which means to swallow the liquid.

When to Use Drank

Drank is the simple past tense form of the verb drink.

Drank Examples:

  • He was so thirsty that he drank a mug of milk.
  • She drank her soda through a straw.
  • We ate and drank copiously at the party.
  • She drank her wine with small ladylike sips.
  • He filled a cup with cold water and drank it down in one gulp.
  • They drank a glass of wine to seal their new friendship.

When to Use Drunk

  • Drunk is the past participle form of the verb drink.
  • It is used with helping verbs.

Drunk Examples:

  • He spewed all that he had drunk and eaten.
  • I feel ghastly, I shouldn’t have drunk so much!
  • People tend to lose their inhibitions when they have drunk a lot of alcohol.
  • He had drunk half a bottle of whiskey.
  • Jack had drunk too much at the party.
  • He had roistered and drunk until he was sent to the hospital.

When to Use Drank or Drunk | Infographic

Drank or Drunk: Difference between Drank vs Drunk

Drank vs DrunkPin

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Elbo Altins
Elbo Altins
3 years ago

You need to do one like this for run vs. ran, something I am seeing more often of late.

EG: “You have ran the program” should be “You have run the program”

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