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CUE vs QUEUE: How to Use Queue vs Cue Correctly?

CUE vs QUEUE!!! What’s the Difference between Queue vs Cue?


Cue or Queue? How to Use Queue vs Cue in English?

Cue and Queue are homophones. They sound the same, but if you look at the context, you can easily tell them apart.

CUE Definition and Examples

Cue can be a noun or a verb.

  • As a noun, it can mean a signal or a hint telling another person to do something.
  • As a verb, it can refer to the act of signaling someone.

CUE Examples:

  • I had never known him to miss a cue.
  • They all took their cue from their leader.
  • This was the cue for him to come into the room.
  • Can you cue me when you want me to begin speaking?
  • Will you cue me on my lines?

QUEUE Definition and Examples

Queue can be a noun or a verb.

  • As a noun, it refers to a lineup, either of people or other things.
  • As a verb, it means to form a line or to line things up.

QUEUE Examples:

  • I was before him in the queue.
  • We stood in a queue for half an hour.
  • I had to join a queue for the toilets.
  • I have to queue up for a bus every day.
  • We had to queue for tickets.

Difference between Queue vs Cue | Infographic

Cue or Queue – How to Use Cue vs Queue Correctly?

Cue vs QueuePin

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