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COUNCIL vs COUNSEL: How to Use Counsel vs Council in English?

COUNCIL vs COUNSEL!!! What’s the Difference between Counsel vs Council? There are a lot of confusing words in English. Counsel and Council are an example of confusing English words.


Council or Counsel? – When to Use Council vs Counsel.

They are homophones, which sound alike, but their meanings and spellings differ.

COUNCIL Definition and Examples

  • Council is a noun.
  • It refers to a group of people appointed to make decisions or give advice.

COUNCIL Examples:

  • The local council runs some good play schemes.
  • The council has placed a preservation order on the building.
  • The council is responsible for refuse collection.
  • Members of the council are elected annually.
  • The members left the council chamber.
  • Council officers are liaising closely with local groups.

COUNSEL Definition and Examples

Counsel can be a noun or a verb.

  • As a verb, counsel means to give advice or guidance.
  • As a noun, counsel is a synonym of advice and guidance.

COUNSEL Examples:

  • I would counsel you to say nothing about the affair.
  • I counsel you to abandon this horseplay immediately.
  • Peter would counsel caution in such a case.
  • Listen to the counsel of your elders.
  • Emily doubted what he told her but kept her own counsel.
  • His counsel is well-prepared.

Counsel vs Council – When to Use Council or Counsel | Infographic

Council vs Counsel – What’s the Difference between Counsel vs Council?

Council vs CounselPin

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