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CONTINUAL vs CONTINUOUS: How to Use Continuous vs Continual Correctly?

Continual vs Continuous!!! What’s the difference between Continuous vs Continual? They are often confused words in English. Learn how to use them correctly.

Continual vs Continuous

When do you use Continuous vs Continual?

When to Use Continual

  • Continual is an adjective.
  • It refers to the duration that continues over a long period of time, but with intervals of interruption.

Continual Examples:

  • I am tired of this continual rain.
  • The school has been in continual use since 1883.
  • It is continual that he glanced at Simon.
  • The hostages lived in continual fear of violent death.
  • I hate these continual arguments.
  • Please stop your continual questions.

When to Use Continuous

  • Continuous is also an adjective.
  • It refers to the duration without interruption.

Continuous Examples:

  • The rain has been continuous since this morning.
  • The brain needs a continuous supply of blood.
  • Is this a continuous flight, or do we stop off anywhere?
  • We must be continuous to study.
  • The first couple of days brought a continuous heavy blizzard.
  • His writing gained by continuous practice.

Continuous vs Continual – What’s the Difference? | Infographic

When to Use Continual vs Continuous in English

Continual vs ContinuousPin

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Marc Summerfield
Marc Summerfield
3 years ago

My name is Marc Summerfield. I prepared a PowerPoint® document describing how to write effective emails. I would like to include the graphic (clipart) described as: “Continual versus Continuous.”
I am considering marketing the document as an e-book. May I have permission to embed the graphic in my marketed document? If permission is granted, I will cite the source.
Marc Summerfield

Marc Summerfield
Marc Summerfield
3 years ago

Am resubmitting my request to use the “Continual versus Continuous”
graphic. Thanks for considering. Marc

Phil Reed
Phil Reed
2 years ago

I’ve just descovered your brilliant resource. As an Auditor I sometimes find myself spending client’s time trying to explain the meaning between missed understood words to their employees. Thank you for providing the solution.

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