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Conscience vs Conscious: How to Use Conscious vs Conscience Correctly?

Conscience vs Conscious!!! What’s the difference between Conscious vs Conscience? Let’s learn the difference between conscience vs conscious and how to use them in English sentences with examples and infographic.

Conscience vs Conscious

Conscious vs Conscience – What’s the difference?

Conscious and conscience are two commonly confused words in English. Although they indicate the mind, they have distinct usage.

Conscience Definition and Examples

  • Conscience is a noun.
  • It means an awareness of morality in regard to one’s behavior.

Conscience examples:

  • A bad conscience is a snake in one’s heart.
  • A clear conscience is a soft pillow.
  • Anna and her conscience had a little tussle.
  • He experienced a sudden pang of conscience.
  • The brave man hazards his life, but not his conscience.
  • My conscience would really trouble me if I wore a fur coat.

Conscious Definition and Examples

  • Conscious is an adjective.
  • It means being aware of yourself or the world around you.

Conscious examples:

  • He is hurt but still conscious.
  • She’s very conscious of the problems involved.
  • She spoke to us in her conscious moments.
  • He’s still conscious but he’s fairly badly injured.
  • It was not a conscious choice to retreat from public life.
  • The patient is not yet fully conscious.

Difference between Conscious vs Conscience | Infographic

When to Use Conscience vs Conscious

Conscience vs ConsciousPin

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