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BLOND or BLONDE: Useful Difference between Blonde vs Blond

Blond or Blonde!!! What’s the difference between the words “blonde” and “blond”? The difference is simply in what gender the word is referring. When used for a girl or woman, the word is often spelled blonde. When used to describe a boy or man, the word is spelled blond.

Blond or Blonde

When to Use Blond

When referring to a male with yellow hair, you should use the spelling “blond”.

Blond Examples:

  • His thick blond hair had just been styled before his trip.
  • He’d admire his long, blond hair, his bright blue eyes, and his perfect white teeth.
  • She had a picture of him in her mind – tall, blond and handsome.
  • He was the blond man she had first seen when she opened her eyes under the tree.
  • Jonny’s the one with the blond corkscrew hairstyle.
  • His long blond hair was parted in the center.

When to Use Blonde

When referring to a woman with yellow hair, you should use the feminine spelling “blonde”.

Blonde Examples:

  • His wife was blonde and fashionably thin.
  • Erica was solemn, pulling at her blonde curls.
  • Janet was a natural blonde with a good figure.
  • She had blonde hair which came down to her waist.
  • Her blonde hair was scraped back into a ponytail.
  • Her dark blonde hair was cut into a short, feathery style, which had been popular a few years ago.

Difference between Blonde vs Blond | Infographic

Confused Words: When to Use Blond or Blonde

Blond or BlondePin

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