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BEGAN vs BEGUN: How to Use Begun vs Began in Sentences?

Began vs Begun!!! Learn the difference between begun vs began and how to use them correctly with some useful examples and ESL infographic.

Began vs Begun

Begun and began are two commonly confused words. They are both different forms of the irregular verb to begin.

When to Use Began

  • Began is the simple past tense form of begin.
  • It is not used with helping verb.

Began Examples:

  • He began his speech with a few lines of poetry.
  • They began to climb down the mountain when it was dark.
  • Her interest in politics began to overshadow her desire to be a poet.
  • He stood up and began to move around the room.
  • The parents began to tell the little child how to lace his shoes.
  • He began with a brief introduction.

When to Use Begun

  • Begun is the past participle form of begin.
  • It needs to use with a helping verb to be correct.

Begun Examples:

  • The vine has begun to grow away from the wall.
  • The underweight child has begun to fill out after regular exercises.
  • The concert had already begun by the time we arrived.
  • He had begun to feel sleepy.
  • Inflation has begun to level off.
  • The divers have begun to ascend to the surface of the water.

Difference between Begun vs Began | Infographic

Begun vs Began: When to Use Began vs Begun

Began vs BegunPin

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