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AMORAL vs IMMORAL: How to Use Immoral vs Amoral Correctly?

AMORAL vs IMMORAL!!! What’s the Difference between Immoral vs Amoral? Although both the words Amoral and Immoral have something to do with right and wrong, they actually have a difference in terms of meaning.


Immoral vs Amoral! How to Use Amoral and Immoral in English?

AMORAL Definition and Examples

  • Amoral is an adjective.
  • It means not concerned or not influenced by right and wrong; lack of morality.

AMORAL Examples:

  • The film was violent and amoral.
  • She was amoral but honest.
  • I strongly disagree with this amoral approach to politics.
  • Rosie’s amoral behavior is a result of her nihilistic worldview.
  • Modern technologies are making our lives amoral and ignorant.
  • The guy was greedy, amoral, obsessed with power and self-gratification.
  • Cats are amoral; they can’t be censured for killing birds.
  • The idea that lawyers are amoral guns for hire is hardly new.
  • It was only the latest chapter in the book on the dangerous, amoral, but cunning place called Arkansas.

IMMORAL Definition and Examples

  • Immoral is an adjective.
  • It means failing to accept the principles of morality.
  • Synonyms for immoral are wicked, evil, foul, unethical or bad.

IMMORAL Examples:

  • It’s immoral to steal.
  • It is my belief that nuclear weapons are immoral.
  • It’s immoral to be unfaithful to your girlfriend.
  • The boss of her husband is viperous and immoral.
  • Their church believes that dancing is sinful and immoral.
  • There’s nothing immoral about wanting to earn more money.
  • Capital punishment was regarded as inhuman and immoral.
  • She believes that killing animals for food or fur is completely immoral.
  • Using other people for one’s own profit is immoral.

Difference between Immoral vs Amoral | Infographic

Commonly Confused Words: When to Use Amoral vs Immoral

Amoral vs ImmoralPin

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