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AMONG vs AMONGST: How to Use Amongst vs Among in English?

AMONG vs AMONGST!!! What’s the difference between Amongst vs Among?


Among or Amongst? When to Use Amongst or Among?

Among and amongst are both prepositions. They mean in the midst of, surrounded by, in the company of, or in association with. But among is most common, particularly in American English.

  • Among is commonly followed by a plural noun phrase.
  • Amongst is sometimes used as an alternative to among. It is more formal and less common.

There is no demonstrable difference of sense or function between Among and Amongst. Amongst is just a variant of among. This means you can use them interchangeably, but among is more common in modern writing.

Some people try to distinguish between Among vs Amongst, but this really is a case when either word is valid.

For examples:

  • Mary is popular among the students.
  • Shakespeare is a giant among writers.
  • The bees are buzzing away among the flowers.
  • The incident caused discussion among the public.
  • That old temple is hidden among trees.
  • Ice cream is popular among children.
  • She lives in that house among the trees.
  • I found the letter amongst his papers.
  • He found it amongst a pile of old books.
  • My wife was there amongst others.
  • She is the tallest amongst her classmates.
  • The disease spread rapidly amongst the poor.
  • This is a custom amongst the Germans.
  • Morale amongst the players is very high at the moment.
  • A triplet sleeps amongst its two siblings.
  • The children were arguing amongst themselves.

Among or Amongst – Difference between Amongst vs Among | Infographic

Amongst or Among – How to Use Among vs Amongst Correctly?

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